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Aerospace Composites

We offer a full suite of professional development packages, ranging from beginner to specialist training. 


CTEngineering Group offer a wide range of composite training courses from bespoke training catered uniquely to your business needs, to certification that can enhance your sales prospects and market competitiveness. Our courses range from basic beginner training to advanced training and to specialist training courses that focus on the specific details of composite materials and structural development. With this three tiered training approach we can offer professional development packages for your employees, starting from the foundations phase right through to expert.

Courses run from one day to one week depending on your requirements. We use case studies in our training courses to give participants a practical sense of real world challenges and teach them how to develop innovative solutions. If your business deals in composites, CTEngineering Group is the strongest training partner to support you.

What We Offer

We offer courses in the following composite sectors with beginner, advanced and specialist training:

  • Composite Fundamentals
  • Composite Materials, Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Composite Design and Analysis
  • Quality, Certification & Testing in Composites
  • In-Service and Repairs Composite
  • Bespoke Composite Training Courses