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Bespoke Composite Training Courses


Course Overview

In today’s competitive world, businesses must work hard to utilise their resources, improve productivity and cost efficiency. We will collaborate with you to design bespoke training courses that work to achieve your specific business goals. We will implement training skills, tools and materials around composites, giving you the competitive edge required to stay one step ahead of the rest. First, we understand your business goals in the composites field, then we will design your training requirement to meet them. CTEngineering Group believe in supporting our customers to improve their business and have therefore geared our courses to advance composites engineering capabilities. This is to assist customers in getting the best possible skill set for their team to meet their overall objectives.

Key Areas covered

At CTEngineering Group we can adapt our full suite of courses to meet your needs. Providing a full set of courses from basic to advanced to specialist to enable full development and subsequent deployment of staff. For example we can offer an introduction to composite materials and an introduction to composite manufacturing. The next phase of training would be advanced Composite Design and Composite Analysis. Then participants can specialise in the last phase of training in either non-linear finite element analyse, advanced fibre placement or lighting strike protection.

Course Benefits

  • One of a kind skilled training and development tailored for your business 
  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Save time and money by having the training at your facilities at a time that is convenient for you. 

Training Provider Overview

At CTEngineering Group we deliver training and support engineering services to the industry covering a wide range of expertise through our vast experience in multifaceted projects. Our courses are constantly updated and benefit from continuous improvement and development to bring you the most advanced training in composite materials. CTEngineering Group’s trainers are accredited by Airbus and deliver training for the National Composites Centre (NCC). Our experience and accreditation ensure we deliver high quality training and project work that we have developed in house to meet industry standards.

We will help you develop the skills you need to give your business the competitive edge. This course will give you the knowledge and tools you need to stay ahead of the competition and grow your business from strength to strength.


CTEngineering Group can provide training at your premises or at CTEngineering Group’ facilities as required, all courses are a full day. Courses are a mixture of classroom and worked examples.

Who Should Attend

If your business has unique requirements or would like specialist designed training for your company’s needs, our highly qualified team of experts will put together complementary training packages to suit your business.

Why Choose CTEngineering Group?

CTEngineering Group is a world leader in engineering solutions and composite training; we are fully committed to working closely with our clients to find the best resolution for their business. Our training takes the experience and knowledge learnt from composite engineering projects in the real world and uses this to create and deliver training that is knowledge rich and experience based. We pride ourselves on contributing to your success by being the perfect composite training partner.