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Innovation, Consulting, Engineering & Outsourcing


Innovation, Consulting, Engineering & Outsourcing.
We help our customers become more competitive.




At CTEngineering Group our highly experienced engineering team specialises in composites, from training the next generation of engineers on how to make the most of this light material, to helping our customers become more competitive through using our skill set to implement innovation, consulting, engineering and outsourcing. We provide imaginative solutions to the many complex technological challenges our clients experience day to day.

The bedrock of our expertise is our composite engineering training courses that takes all of our real world experience, into a learning forum to train engineers, improve the quality of their designs and make the most of high performance composite material.

With over 10 years of experience in delivering training courses and 25 years of engineering project experience in all industries that are utilising composite material, we know how to meet your engineering challenges. Our training courses include real world case examples that can aid your learning.

As a member of the CTEngineering Group, we are able to provide our learners with a wealth of multifaceted experience and knowledge by drawing on the many international resources made available to us within our partnership.

In our training courses, we use practical examples with many parallels to our participants’ businesses, achieving a more receptive response. We have worked on projects in fields such as aeronautics, automotive, rail, naval, industrial plants and renewable energy and believe we are the perfect composite engineering training course provider.

At CTEngineering Group we pride ourselves on the benefits realised by those we train. We can save you time when solving engineering issues regarding composites. Our training courses are designed to improve your composite quality and understanding and reduce the costs of errors or flaws in composites design.

Our composites engineering training will develop your staff, arming them with the knowledge they require to move forward productively enhancing composite knowledge and capability to enable the optimisation of engineering design within your operation.