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Training is an integral part of our business offering, with contracts across the UK and Europe.


About Us


CTEngineering Group is a professional engineering consultancy company, operating in integrated engineering, innovation, project management and training businesses with a worldwide reach. Our integrated engineering experience includes product engineering, specialising in conceptual design, structural design and stress analysis, particularly in the field of composites technology.

Through our quality service and operations we can support your business and develop your skill set. We are particularly focused on our composites training in the UK market and the important role composites play in enhancing engineering manufacture.

CTEngineering Group delivers training courses in all aspects of integrated engineering to ensure our customers enhance their market advantage. Our experienced industrial engineers apply their practical skills with real world examples throughout the course to enable your team to develop a relevant skill set when dealing with composite materials.

We offer a full suite of courses from concept to practical in-service and support as well as hands on exercises to develop an understanding of the technology used. This allows your business to approach training flexibly by having unrestricted access to the practical training and development programs to meet your capabilities.

CTEngineering Group’ courses can be adapted to suit any customer requirements and needs from beginner training through to advanced. The aim of the courses over all is to teach the fundamental issues related to composites in order for engineers to be able to make informed decisions regardless of their tools or processes.

Through innovation and project management we provide customers with the most advanced implementable technology and achievable deadlines. We strive to improve client competitiveness through engineering feasible and innovative solutions. Contact us today to find out more about how we can support your business or go to  to review our wide range of capabilities in the engineering sector.